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SynthMaster One

Reviewed By osmancigil [all]
January 19th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows

Even though I'm not an EDM producer or anything like that, I love trying virtual synths and see what might fit my own audio work.

Luckily, I got myself SynthMaster One version and using it on a Windows 10 LTSB, i7 4710MQ CPU with 16GB RAM. Before I got it, I had some crackling noises and stutters on my system when using real-time processing plugins with the lowest latency possible @48 samples.

Upgrading to 16GB of RAM and also updating my GPU drivers did really help with other plugins and VSTis as well as SynhtMaster ONE. I almost had no crackling or stuttering when playing with it.

For people like creating mind-blowing sounds with synths may take a lot of time. But SynthMaster ONE comes with around 1200 something highly impressive presets.

My first impression was like it's so huge. Almost every preset sounds like it's going to dominate the sonic canvas and really gives me chills every time.

I definitely recommend anyone getting yourself a copy instead of downloading cracked software. It's very affordable and high quality in terms of sounds and tones that one can generate with this synth.

Here's a preset walkthrough that I have made with SynthMaster ONE. Including my 250 something favourite presets. Excellent job KV331! Deserves every penny :).

SynthMaster ONE Demo

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