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Advanced Soundware Realize Demo Performance

Virtual Instruments Reimagined

Step into a new era of music ensemble production with REALIZE. Forget robotic samples and tedious programming. Don't worry about recording your own tracks for every instrument in the orchestra. Sit back and relax while REALIZE generates expressive, authentic performances directly from your MIDI score, meticulously crafted from recordings of real musicians.

Revolutionary Features

With REALIZE, translating your MIDI compositions into audio performances becomes a seamless affair. The software interprets your MIDI tracks and transcribes them into music notation alongside a stunningly realistic audio performance for every note of every phrase of every instrument.

Input Music With Intention

REALIZE acknowledges that the artist knows best. Should you find the software's interpretation not aligning with your vision, the music notation transcription is fully adjustable. The combination of accent, articulation, and dynamics influences the source sample recommendations.

Output Audio With Precision

Once your production takes shape, REALIZE offers unparalleled sample reshaping. Below the waveform display, a suite of sophisticated controls await to fine-tune each note to perfection. Intonation, position, and transitions are all yours to command.