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Jamahook Offline Agent - Analyze your audio library and find the perfect sounds for your song

The Jamahook Offline Agent - a personal sound assistant for every music producer - is here.

Stop spending hours searching for audio content that you have collected throughout the years as a music producer and saved somewhere on your computer.

The Jamahook Sound Assistant Offline Agent helps you to find long-lost or half-forgotten samples, loops, instrumentals, stems, and other music content in your local audio libraries.

The plugin gives you recommendations that perfectly complement the arrangement of the song you are currently working on, without leaving your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

The Jamahook Offline Agent is the first and only plugin that puts the power of AI solely into the hands of music producers by connecting personal audio libraries with the Jamahook sound-matching technology.

Designed to become every music producer's individual personal assistant, the Jamahook Offline Agent provides a recommendation machine for audio content on steroids.

It finds rhythmically and harmonically suitable music components for each musical segment by listening to an audio mix of your current music project.

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