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Ambient Tape Machines: C1 - Kontakt Library (Exploring The Sounds)

Rich Ambient Textures

Ambient Tape Machines: C1 was created by first capturing 3 unique raw sets of samples, recording them onto cassette tape, and then playing them back at full and half speed on a vintage Library Of Congress C1 cassette player. Analog tape helps give music a certain warmth that is hard to emulate in the digital world, and playing back sounds at half speed on tape is a truly incredible experience. Ambient Tape Machines: C1 allows you to blend and control these lush sounds so you can sculpt the perfect ambient soundscape.


The Library of Congress C1 Cassette player is a vintage piece of gear originally intended for the vision impaired to listen to audio books from the Library of Congress. Its unique variable speed playback controls make it a very powerful ambient sound creation tool. The unit used in this instrument seems to introduce a slight slow-down, some noise, and some wobbling at half speed - giving these samples a truly unique sonic fingerprint. To reduce the noise the samples were de-noised using industry standard tools, but to maintain the integrity of the raw sound we purposefully left some noise in. The samples were tuned in Kontakt to counter the slight slow-down effect of the tape machine.

There are 3 unique raw sample sets in Ambient Tape Machines: C1. These are broken down by Digital, Analog, and Acoustic. The Digital sound was produced using a modern digital synthesizer performing virtual analog synthesis. The Analog sound was captured from a 3 oscillator analog mono-synth set on a huge / ambient patch. The Acoustic sound was captured from an electric guitar playing palm muted notes through a clean patch on an Axe-FX II XL+ with some very lush shimmer reverb applied.

Through the GUI you will be able to change the play back speed between full and half, tune them, set the volume, and pan each of the sounds individually. Each sound is incredibly detailed on its own, but the real magic happens when you blend them together in creative ways.

Included in Ambient Tape Machines C1:

Total Sample Size - 805MB.

184 Samples.

Over 70 Snapshot Presets.

Intuitive GUI with Plenty of Control.

Custom Dual Arpeggiators.

Open script for all you KSP scripters out there.


  • 3 sound sources with volume, pan, tuning, and tape speed controls.
  • Two ADSR's for VCA and VCF (with VCF ENV depth).
  • Switchable LFO synced to your host tempo (with mod depth).
  • Vibrato depth and rate control.
  • 4-pole LPF and HPF.
  • Delay, Reverb, and Saturation Controls.
  • Custom dual arpeggiators for LPF cutoff and resonance.

More Info:

Recorded at 24-bit and 48kHz.

Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required (will not work in Kontakt Player)

Presets and Collaboration:

To show you the potential of what Ambient Tape Machines C1 can do, we teamed up with two excellent musicians and sound designers to create over 70 presets. Jetfire Prime and Franklin Vanderhyde contributed incredible patches that compliment the patches we came up with, and pushed the instrument into new sonic landscapes we never thought of. This was primarily an ambient instrument, but you can also create more traditional lead, bass, and synth patches.

Jetfire Prime

Franklin Vanderhyde of Music For Film and Media

Presets Breakdown:
- 29 Ambiences
- 4 Arps
- 15 FX
- 11 Lead
- 9 PL.