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Delta Brain Waves - Gentle Rain - Ambient Music For Sleep And Insomnia - Binaural Beats

Powerful Combination: Binaural Beats - Gentle Rain - Hypnotic Visuals - Ambient Music.

The Binaural Beats in this video are uniquely designed to bring the listener into a relaxed state for sleep.

This is done gradually so the body and mind can be properly receptive.
The Binaural Beats lower in stages from Alpha to Theta and then to a deep Delta stage.

The audio includes relaxing rain and distant thunder with specially designed ambient music. The combination of these elements with the custom designed evolving Binaural Beats will have a powerful effect on the listener.

It is important to be comfortable and allow yourself to evolve into a restful state as the video is played. Be sure to play the video from the start and allow it to play without interruption.