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DS Thorn Synth - NEW Presets And Sample Library

White Rose for Thorn

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Thorn is a mighty powerful synth.
It allows for some unique programming due to its many features.
Some of these include, the use of samples, additive synthesis engine with spectral effects, harmonic filtering and FM, RM, PWM, Hard Sync, 3x ADSR, 3x LFO, 2x Multi-stage Envelopes.

"White Rose" is a unique soundset for Thorn.
What makes it so unique is that most of the presets are designed using samples made from hardware synthesizers so the sound sources are completely new.

Furthermore, we go deep into the considerable features thorn has to offer.

The result is a soundset that is very rich and warm.

The categories include:

Fat Analog Pads








"White Rose" includes both new samples and 80 deeply programmed presets only possible with the new sample library.