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Electrifying Synthesis for MSoundFactory

"Electrifying Synthesis" For MSoundFactory.

MSoundFactory is a modular synth that offers some interesting features, too many to mentioned here.
What makes it most interesting are the vast amount of options it offers for sound design.
One of the features that interest us are all the different oscillators available.
This includes FX, Additive, Physical Modeling and traditional oscillator types.
This allows for a broad range of combinations and sounds.

"Electrifying Synthesis" For MSoundFactory explores a broad range of sounds and styles for MSoundFactory from old school analog pads to Physically modeled strings.

Super intro Special (this week ONLY) - Use code "synth" and save $9 AND get an awesome bonus set of presets which include the lush plucked strings.

On top of this, we will be updating "Electrifying Synthesis" For MSoundFactory as the developer adds more features, free to all owners.