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Fat Blob by Blob Audio : The next amps simulation !

Plug in, open the Fat Blob and play the guitar where you want, when you want...

With the guitar tones you want.

It's simple, I'm FAT BLOB, an audio virtual studio technology plugin designed to offer you maximum versatility, comfort and ergonomics.

In addition to being totally autonomous (standalone) I adapt to all DAW software.

I embark with me 3 amps :

"Blue" which will take care to offer you a clean sound at the same time warm, crystalline but especially adjustable/modulable with wish.

Then, you will find "Green", apart from having a classy and vintage look, it will offer you a crunchy, crispy but also explosive sound when you ask him.

And the last one "Purple", with him, welcome to the world of modern rock, metal and other music that makes your head move. Thanks to its ultra-developed and precise gain, you'll be able to use your guitar as a weapon of mass destruction.

But that's not all ! In addition to these amps, you'll find 10 unique and original effects pedals, which will allow you to fine-tune your sound with maximum quality and, above all, bring out your creativity.

I forgot to tell you... I took the challenge to offer you a unique tool to push the amp simulation to its limits! That's why I will be equipped with the first MIX RACK for guitar, with which you will be able to mix your sound directly from FAT BLOB, expect a huge, incredible and professional result.

Finally, I'm integrating some custom tools for guitarists that will be useful and will make your life easier. But that... I'll let you discover our website BLOB AUDIO.