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Fragment - Granular/Additive/Subtractive/PM real-time chaos

Fragment is an online collaborative additive / spectral / granular and soon subtractive/PM live-coding web. platform, the spectrum is created by a live GPU script, the generated visual is then converted to audio by an additive/granular/spectral/subtractive/PM process.

Fragment is a programmable noise-of-all-kinds software and excel at sound design by combining two of the most powerful synthesis process (granular and additive) with a live coding aspect, Fragment also excel at visuals.

This is a video of a live PM/Subtractive/Additive/Granular ambient chaotic & glitchy session which demonstrate two new type of synthesis coming into the next update, subtractive synthesis and phase modulation, both with Moog type filter.

The sound in this video is produced by 4 audio server instances (distributed synthesis) on a single i7 6700 machine.

A camera glitch visual effect is applied and modified in real-time along the produced sound to produce chaotic visuals.

Most of the sounds heard in this video have a delay applied with a simple pixels-based delay (4 lines) which mean that the delay come from Fragment, it is the same delay "algorithm" used as in the previous video.

The video show 4 timbral parts from left to right : phase modulation, subtractive, additive, granular.

The last part was some fun session with chaotic visuals fed to granular synthesis.

The subtractive synthesis implementation was added for fun, it is not optimized yet.

Phase Modulation implementation is a bit rough but is optimized and produce nice noises and patterns by varying the modulator oscillator index (the kind of frequency switching heard all along in this video).

The update should be released at the end of the month.

9 samples are loaded and used in this video for granular synthesis, all of them are single sounds of real or virtual instruments.

The glitch effect was taken from :


The video used for the visuals is :

Earth From Space [ISS Time-lapse In 4K] :


Some amount of reverb/delay effect is added inside Renoise DAW, MIDI sequences are coming from Renoise.

You can try the Fragment synthesizer now at : https://www.fsynth.com

Documentation: https://www.fsynth.com/documentation

Forum : https://quiet.fsynth.com

Renoise : https://www.renoise.com/

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