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Fragment Synthesizer - Feedback

Fragment is a web-based collaborative spectral/additive musical instrument software driven by real-time visuals generated from shared GLSL scripts.

This is a demonstration video of some jam session with live-coding "patchs" which use the latest feedback feature, the previous spectrum frame is fed to the current frame with transforms such as rotations.

The output is fed to a DAW (Renoise) with reverb effect, you can hear the sound without the reverb near the beginning, the reverb is sometimes off, all the delay fx heard this time is actually from Fragment, the feedback feature allow fx such as delay and reverb to be done altough "quality" reverb is a bit tricker to do which is why it is applied with another software at the moment.

You can try it now at : https://www.fsynth.com

Documentation: https://www.fsynth.com/documentation.html