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Granular Ukulele - Patch: Ukulele Tweed Tremolo

"Granular Ukulele" sound set is an expansion pack for Steinberg's PadShop and PadShop Pro.

This expansion pack offers 325 Ukulele presets for Steinberg's Padshop and Padshop Pro VST granular synthesizers. With 210 MIDI files and 234 manipulated samples processed with acoustic amps and inserts, this music producer and sound designer sound set provides a perfect solution for discovering your sound.

Designed by composer and producer, Gary Gibbons, at the World Worm Studios recording facility in Hong Kong, this sound set provides an acoustic and ethnic experience for producing your tracks by using the Padshop audio engine.

Available as download only:

  • For Windows and Mac.
  • Click here to buy.
  • For more information of this product or any questions, click here

We want to offer the best solution for you to find your sound. Listen to Granular Drum Kits expansion pack presets on our playlists.

Granular Ukulele - Instrumental Demos

Granular Ukulele - Presets

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