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Impulse Response - Reverb and FX

Prime Sonic Space is a stunning collection of 120 modern and vintage reverbs and Multi-FX.
This collection of Impulse Responses takes sonic quality to the next level.
Recorded entirely in 24-32-bit, "Prime Sonic Space" offers quality that VST reverbs simply cannot reproduce.
The rooms range from very small to very large and every size in between.
The Collection contains Impulse Responses that include modern, vintage and acoustic categories.
What makes "Prime Sonic Space" different from other IR collection's, is the vitality and depth captured.
Many Impulse Responses sound good alone but when used in a mix they seem to loose something.
This is due to several issues:
1. Very often, the Impulse Response is made simply to capture the characteristics of the room, not taking into consideration how a particular instrument might sound best in that space.
2. While an Impulse Response may sound good alone, it may not mix well due to compression that occurs in the process.
Not all Impulse Responses are created equal as you may have noticed, we believe "Prime Sonic Space" stands out for its quality as well as standing out in a mix.

"Prime Sonic Space" is in the WAV format which make it compatible with most IR software including:
Steinberg REVerence that comes in Cubase
Altiverb 6 and 7
Logic's Space Designer
Hofa IQ Reverb
Pristine Space, from Voxengo
LiquidSonics Reverberate
Space Designer, from Apple for Logic
Vienna Suite Convolver
IR-1 / IR-L from Waves
SIR2, from Knufinke
TL Space, from DigiDesign
Prosoniq Rayverb
and many others

VST reverb plug-ins are limited in that they rarely compare in quality to the vintage and especially modern hardware reverbs costing thousands of dollars.
I for one, have spend countless dollars getting the "next best" VST reverb plugin to enhance my music only to be disappointed in the long run.
After years of experimentation and working with Impulse Responses, we have proudly come up with this collection.
"Prime Sonic Space" brings professional quality reverb to the home studio at a very affordable price.