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Impulse Response Library of Exquisite Rooms - Special Discount Available Now

"Exquisite Rooms" Impulse Responses

Special Sale

The one missing link for most home studios is excellent acoustics.
These days, anyone can have a great DAW and plugins but most home studios are lacking in professionally designed recording rooms.

Also, much of the music made today relies on sampled drums, loops and instruments.
This can result in sterile and harsh digital recordings, heard in many home studios.

"Exquisite Rooms" is a collection of Impulse Responses that includes warm and woody rooms, drum and vocal booths, guitar rooms and closets, etc.

It is a large collection of over 100 Impulse Responses designed to add the character of natural acoustics to your recordings.

We also added some chambers, live rooms, churches and some larger spaces for variety.

Putting together an Impulse Response library like "Exquisite Rooms" is a massive undertaking.

All Impulse Responses are in the commonly used WAV format which makes it compatible with many of the main tools like Altiverb, Reverberate 2/3, Hoffa IQ, and the large list of Impulse Responses plugins that support WAV files.

Some of the included categories:

Oak Rooms
Vocal Booths
Drums Rooms and Booths
Percussion Rooms
Guitar Rooms
Amp Closets
Fat and Woody
Live Rooms
Cherry Rooms
Maple Rooms