This percussion system carries unique features, is ideal for electronic music producers and performers, as well as bands looking for real-time percussion elements during recording or live use.

Through a process of careful evaluation, we have developed these percussion loops system kits based on the Top 10, over the last few years. We feature, all forms of House, Tribal, Hard House, Techno, Breaks, Trance, Psy-Trance, Drum and Bass, New Age, Lounge and Hip Hop.

We have named these construction kits; "Intelligent Loops Percussion System" because of their new integrative methodology. It allows for clear separation of the main crucial percussion elements of these electronic genres, in an intelligent looping layout, including complex pre-structured builds, breaks and intelligent gaps.

You will boost creativity, save time in your preferred sequencing system (DAW) and mastering process. With this system, a massive variety of options sit at your fingertips for your percussion. It's Ideal and recommended for Ableton Live, but working on all platforms, and other popular DAW's such as; FL Studio, MOTU Digital Performer, Sony Acid Pro and Bitwig Studio.

This system allows you to freely, and quickly make track after track, uniquely, creatively, shaping it to your liking. You will always have a strong percussion backbone, and keep your hands free for the most real-time performance ability. It gives the artist the most creative power during live-time production.

This system provides a total of 7 individually separated channels, including a double combination section for additional and unique mix possibilities, along with the base percussion. It functions similarly to a combination lock, with kicks, claps, hats, high impact crashes, and additional combinations. These elements are carefully synchronized together, and highly organized to create your primary sound. You may then add the complex pre-structured builds and breaks, as you wish. Because all 7 channels are running separately, you can cut in or out any that you wish in live-time, plus add FX.

All samples were captured, mixed and carefully crafted through FX processing and synthesis in the Karma Soul Records Studio. Loops are designed at ideal BPM range for DAW software with advanced live-time function for each genre. Wav files are organized and mastered in 24-bit 44.1kHz quality for professional royalty-free use. This easy to use system includes simple instructions for setup.

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