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Liquid Stellar Dreamachine

Liquid Stellar Dreamachine Liquid Stellar Dreamachine Liquid Stellar Dreamachine
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Liquid Stellar Dreamachine

Eplex7 DSP Liquid Stellar Dreamachine – magic plugin effect VST

Do you still remember the period of 60 years when you visited the first hippie festival during the summer of love and tried that magic potion? When did you first look into the psychedelic rabbit hole?

Everything was so beautiful, magical, mystical.

Everything and everyone was connected, you experienced a connection with nature and the collective consciousness of the universe. The colors were neon-bright, the sounds were four-dimensionally distinct, everything seemed like a magical dream movie in which you immersed yourself deeply. There was an unusually positive mood among all the people at the festival, they didn't deal with the stupidities or worries of ordinary life, they weren't slaves to the system for a while. Every strumming of the guitar or blues organ suddenly created cosmic, wonderful, beautiful vibrations thanks to this magic potion and all magic people around. Sun, wind, flowers all were full of positive energy.

Now that you have returned from this festival in the middle of paradise in the middle of the universe, you are thinking about how to transfer this atmosphere and emotion to ordinary life, to ordinary music. But it's not that easy and you wonder if it was real or just in your head?

But it was real. As Nikola Tesla said, almost everything in the universe is based on vibrations and waves, light is electromagnetic waves of different frequencies that we perceive as colors, sound is waves of different frequencies that we perceive as sound, almost the entire universe can be decoded using numbers and formulas.

So even these magical psychedelic moments should be able to be transferred as a memory to music, for all those who have already been on the other side.

How was Liquid Stellar Dreamachine created?

As the best things are created, completely by mistake and by chance. What does it do? We ourselves do not know exactly and do not understand how it creates this sound, atmosphere and impression. With some instruments and sounds it plays strangely and strangely, with some especially live instruments it often plays magically and we get flashbacks to the summer of 1967.

What does it do and what is it for?

It can create smoky deep modulations similar to blues organ rotary speakers, twisted 4D spirals, inter-dimensional reflections, quantum springs and others.
It can create subtle almost invisible effects to add space to guitars or orchestral springs to total twisted psychedelic sounds. Guitars sounds often like acid rainbow river, like they just returned from "that magical psychedelic world" back to reality but with sound from "from there".

Liquid stellar dreamachine is good for psychedelic rock, psychedelic chillout, psybient, psytrance, progressive psytrance, goatrance, blues, indie rock, alternative rock, ethno, folk, experimental music, trance, darkpsy, psycore, hitech, darkprog, fullon psytrance, experimental dope pop, but also psychedelic trap.

Sounds nice with guitars, pianos, bells, organs, orchestral strings, vocals, percussions, electronic experimental percs and synthesizers, pads / atmospheres.

Top features:

– First permutation knob
– Filters: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, Peaking
– FX Volume knob
– Modulation speed
– Modulation depth
– Original signal
– Analog hiss
– 2nd permutation knob
– 2nd permutation volume
– Filter cutoff
– Filter resonance
– Main Output.

– Preset manager with 37 presets for various genres and instruments.

Compatibility: Windows 32-bit / 64-bit VST host.

Product page / download demo version:


Price: 31,00 €.

Special introductory price for first 70 customers of: 17,90 €.


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