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KX77FREE - Tuto On the Run 2015 - Kx-Synth-x16 V5

KX-SYNTH-X16, polyphonic VCS3 VST sim and more...

Tuto of the CV and Gate sequencer.

About this demo:
This a new tuto made with the last polyphonic version of the Kx-Synth-x16 plug-in.
I present the main features of the sequencer x16 and after I use the preset n°41 of the bonus bank provided inside the plug-in folder. The particularity of the V5 is that I updated the filters which are close of the Synthi's filters even if voluntary decreased the distortion for DSP simulation technical reasons but the response of the resonance is up to 20 hz in auto-oscillating. And like the original filter, it is a 5 poles filter with a slope of 24 dB and detuned (10 v= -/+ 12 kHz). You can choose the type of harmonics (even only or even + odd) of the resonance.
I recommend to the novices to reduce the level of the amplifier before to test this kind of filter because it is easy to send a very powerful sub when you manipulate the resonance level...

I used the eight notes of the famous VCS3 sequence of the Pink Floyd's song "On the run" (E3, G3, A3, G3, D4, C4, D4, E4, tempo 166).


You can control the CV with the matrix control inputs to the oscillators or use directly the "Kbd" knobs (VCO and VCF).
The Gate of the envelops are controlled directly when you select "Seq" (1,2,3,4,5,6, none, Seq) of the voice index or you can aslo select the sequencer gate with the envelop gate selectors (Mod Sync, Vca Sync).



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