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KX77FREE - Magic flowers to a good man

This is one track of the 2021 compilation of the French-speaking forum of modular synthesizers.



This song is based on my most modular instrument, the Synth X16. Two patches for the bass and Fx sequence made with 2 monophonic voices of Synth X16 driven by the X16 sequencer. A complementary patch with the PolyM CSE for a sequence using the rhythmic resonance of the filters. The melody is a morning improvisation using 3 Monophonic Synth X16 M in unison. The steel drum sound two-thirds of the track is completely unintentional, but I like the unexpected. In addition to make the very electro rhythmic background of the 80s I use the Modulad to read my old SF2 samples. Also at times to link all this there is a background sound of polyphonic layers. The stereophonic space is created directly in each patch.