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KX77FREE {Mamie Electro} - The Witch is here


Note that my url it is a simple html page (since 2005) with nothing to follow you and no need for security because everything I share is 100% free. I'm free to do whatever I want, including making a crappy site (kidding).

You can download the track in WMA Pro 96k 24-bit format compatible with VLC, android, Win10, any recent player. I continue to use this format because it is simply the best for compressing efficiently, this song lasts 27 min and the file is only 53 mo.


Sorry for the length of the song, I had a hard time finalizing it but it conveys my current state of mind because my life is like in a video game, I will have peace when I finish the current game. Mamie Electro is born.

It takes up the live atmosphere linked to my track Be one of darkness women, I like the medium sound, a little saturated, full of reverberation, etc, with an energy specific to a concert even if it is imaginary.

I'm thinking of changing my artist name, Mamie Electro, to something like that, after all I've been trying to make electronic music since 1982.

Claudia {Mamie Electro}.