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LoFi Flux Machine by Yum Audio

Back in Time, Forward in Sound: LoFi Flux Machine by Yum Audio.

Flutter, Warble and infinite Tone. Add interest, life & character to anything.

LoFi Flux Machine is an instant classic effect that can be used to add variety & uniqueness to any audio signal you feed into it. Its intricate mix of analog modeled tape warble, flutter as well as a versatile tone section allow the creation of anything, from subtle stereo effects to full blown creative sound transformations.

We took our established virtual tape circuits and used them in a way that gives you full control over the behaviour and accuracy of their warble and flutter effects. The plugin can be very clean and precise or create a sound that is warm and with beautiful inconsistencies.


  • Analog modeled Warble section for slow pitch changes.
  • Flutter section with four distinct movement modes.
  • Freely adjustable warble instability.
  • Warble Width control to create wide stereo manipulations.
  • Tone Section for characterful sound shaping.
  • Warm and distinct Tape Saturation.
  • Noise generator based on signal input.
  • Dark and Bright controls.
  • Stereo Width control known from Spread Light.
  • Intensity Slider to change overall processing amount.
  • Two time modes - free running or in sync with your session.