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LoFi Playtime by Yum Audio

Playtime is a magical, unique plugin that allows you to literally play with time.

We designed virtual tape circuits and used them in a way that would be quite complex to re-create on an analog device. The result is a very characterful and unique effect that you can use to pitch, reverse, or add delays and space to your audio.


  • Unique new approach to time and pitch.
  • Two virtual tapes with different playback speeds, instantly change the played back pitch of your input signal.
  • Create textures out of anything and freeze your audio in time.
  • Change the sound of your frozen signal on the fly.
  • Use Tape Age to create characterful pitch fluctuations and chorusing effects.
  • Use delay to create warbling delay lines and mix them with the dry signal.
  • Works in Sync with your Session or in free time based mode.