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Slap by Mr. Bill and Yum Audio, making your drums slap!

Drum processing just got a hell of a lot easier.

Slap combines a unique click-replacement tool with a multi-effect unit. Each of the included effects is carefully designed to create snares and kick drums that slap and add punch to your tracks.


  • Add instant fat and slap to any drum sound.
  • Signature sounds and handcrafted presets by Mr Bill.
  • Unique Click module with the power to replace or layer any transient.
  • 6 intuitive FX modules that could each be considered a plugin on its own:
    1. A Clap module that adds a synthesized noise clap to any sound.
    2. Powerful transient shaping with the Shape module.
    3. A Fat module to add fat and punch easily via multiband compression and EQ.
    4. A Spray module to add lush reverbs and sustains to your drum sounds.
    5. A Clipper with a Punish and Timbre control.
    6. A Sub module to add earth-shattering sub to any source.
  • Routing of all FX modules via intuitive drag-and-drop actions.
  • Tone section to add glue everything together and control low and high-end frequencies with precision.
  • A global Tune control to alter every process inside the plugin and allow you to easily retune your whole drum.
  • A global FX Amount control to scale the processing amount of all FX modules at once.
  • Pinpoint waveform display with multiple visualization modes.