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Loquacious Symmetry for OMNISPHERE 2 Walkthrough 3

Loquacious Symmetry for OMNISPHERE 2

Our TENTH Omnisphere sound-set.
To celebrate, we pulled out all the stops for one of our best Omnisphere collections yet.
Loquacious Symmetry goes a few steps deeper into the possibilities of Omnisphere 2.
The 120 presets include instruments that have not been previously heard from Omnisphere.
From our previous expeditions into the sonic possibilities that both Omnisphere 1 and 2 offered, we opened some new doors in this set.
Several of our previous sets have made their way into the hands of not only major pop artist, but also film and soundtrack designers.
Loquacious Symmetry continues in the direction that VSP Omnisphere sound-sets have been known for but breaks new ground, offering several sonic possibilities not previously realized.

Loquacious Symmetry for OMNISPHERE 2 includes 5 categories as described below:


Included in Loquacious Symmetry are lots of retro and new newfangled synth variations.
This includes several tron style synths and lesser known rarities that are full of vintage goodness.
As always, we have added lots of controllers, both automated and manual.

This category includes a wide variety of plucked instruments.
This includes all kinds of acoustic and electric stringed instruments and more.
The combinations are unique, they range from Jazzy to Ethnic to Popular music styles.
We added detailed FX and controllers to every preset including some very powerful and unique pitch and tone controls.

This ranges from the traditional to the experimental.
Not only does it include standard instruments like bowed cellos, violins and guitars, but also many unusual combinations you might not expect.
Lots of FX and controllers here as well.
Experimentation is the Key.

We made this a very broad catagory.
It include a full range of both acoustic and electric instruments and combinations.
All kind of sound sources have been used including synths, textures, traditional instruments, experiments and more.
The mod wheel allows for some very tasty and un-predictable variations.

This ranges from deep, ambient drums to all kinds of surfaces that might be struck.
The results are often ethereal and dynamic.
The focus is not so much "one hits" but more complex presets to add some intriguing sonic ear candy to your songs.

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