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Mr Crowley (Don Airey) Syntheway Organux Virtual Organ, Magnus Choir VST Audio Unit EXS24 KONTAKT

Mr. Crowley (Don Airey Intro) Demo using Magnus Choir and Organux VST for Windows, Audio Unit and VST for macOS. Also EXS24 & KONTAKT Sample Libraries.

Virtual Instruments (VSTi):

  • - Syntheway Organux.
  • - Magnus Choir (from 0:26).
  • Additional Synth Plug-in: Toxic III.

Organux is a virtual organ VST plug-in designed for creating a wide range of classic, vintage and modern organ sounds.


  • Rotary switch selector with 23 predefined types of organ sounds:
  1. Default Organ.
  2. Ethereal Organ.
  3. Farfisa Organ.
  4. Rock Organ.
  5. Neu Orgelpfeite.
  6. Chuch Organ.
  7. Organicus.
  8. Pipe Organ.
  9. Organum.
  10. Chorus Organ.
  11. Fast B3 Organ.
  12. Slow B3 Organ.
  13. Percussive Organ.
  14. Cathedral Organ.
  15. Gothic Organ.
  16. Blues Organ.
  17. Electronic Organ 1.
  18. Electronic Organ 2.
  19. Detuned Organ.
  20. Baroque Pipe Organ.
  21. Reed Organ (aka Parlor, Cabinet, Cottage or Pump Organ).
  22. Oberheim OB3 Organ.
  23. Synth Organ.
  • LFO with modulation depth, frequency, offset, waveforms (sine-triangle-square) add expressive effects such as "Tremolo" by using the simple GUI commands.
  • Multiple-Mode Filter that includes LP (Low pass), BP (Band pass), HP (High pass), notch, peak, low pass and high pass shelving filter with adjustable cutoff and bandwidth.
  • ADSR envelope generator with Attack, Sustain, Decay and Release parameters and several modulation targets.
  • Portamento/Glide control.
  • Reverb: Customizable with user controls for: size room, width room and damping factor.
  • Delay: Creates a delay (echo) effect on audio signals controlled by amount of feedback and modulation of delay time.
  • On-screen MIDI keyboard that can be played with the mouse or keyboard.

Magnus Choir is a virtual instrument plug-in which can be used to create natural and synthetic choirs, covering a wide spectrum of choirs, vocal textures, soundscapes, choral pads and voices effects.


  • 54 Preset Sounds, including a vast array of natural and synthetic sounds, from Oohs, Aahs, men and women in mixed choirs to the celestial choir of angels, reso pads, dark atmos, creepy voices, ambient ghostly and birdsong effects, as well as cinematic and soundscapes.
  • ADSR envelope generator with Attack, Sustain, Decay and Release parameters and several modulation targets.
  • Reverb Effect.


List of Preset Sounds / Demo ↓:

  1. Abbey Ghost.
  2. Ad Infinitum Formant.
  3. Ad Libitum Chorale.
  4. Aeternus Lux Lucis.
  5. Alchemical Signals.
  6. Angelic Vox.
  7. Angels Between Us.
  8. Apocalyptic Chamber.
  9. Astral Singers.
  10. Aurum Vox Pad.
  11. Birds Sonic Sweep.
  12. Caelestis Kingdom.
  13. Celestial Choir.
  14. Choral Ensemble.
  15. Choralis Pad.
  16. Cinematic Padilius.
  17. Cosmic Odyssey Voice.
  18. Cryogenic Dimension.
  19. Dark Cantus.
  20. Digital Voice.
  21. Dystopian Chorus.
  22. Elves Land.
  23. Enchanted Goblins.
  24. Ethereal Voices Pad.
  25. Guardians Of Limbo.
  26. Lost Souls In The Dark.
  27. Male & Female Aahs.
  28. Morph Dreams.
  29. Morphed Vowels.
  30. Mystical Vowels.
  31. Nebula Dark Atmos.
  32. Necromancer Summons.
  33. Neo Choir.
  34. Octave Aahs Choir.
  35. Octave Vox Pad.
  36. Oniric Sequences.
  37. Oohs Choir.
  38. Psychedelic Vox.
  39. Psychomanteum Reso.
  40. Quasi Spatial Voices.
  41. Relaxing Paradise.
  42. Restless Spirits.
  43. Sanctus Holy Chant.
  44. Sonorous Skies.
  45. SopranVox C4-C6.
  46. Spatiotemporal Atmos.
  47. Spectral Hell.
  48. Synthesized Vocals.
  49. Synthetic Chorus.
  50. Underworld Embryos.
  51. Vinyl Chorus.
  52. Voices In The Mist.
  53. Vowelled Soundscape.
  54. Vox Vocis Texture.