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Nord Stage 5 Piano Demo

Nord Stage Piano 5, gives you a true realistic contextual piano, desiqned specifically to fit within your full orchestral arrangements.

The piano has been expertly sampled and encoded at the top quality. When blended it will sound like it is amonq the orchestra, impossible to recreate by takinq a close mic'd piano and addinq reverb.Pianos tend to be encoded in a very scientific manner which is why, for larger orchestral mockups and realations, they can often be very difficult to blend in and mix. A truly realistic remarkable virtual piano. Kontakt Player COMPATIBLE.

This is a Kontakt Player instrument.

It will run as a plug-in instrument in any DAW eg: Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, DP, Reaper, Pro-Tools with Kontakt. Nord Stage Piano 5 is the ultimate piano, special designed for professional composers and recording studios! If you need a true musical weapon, this is the answer! Nord Stage Piano 5 can be used in any recording projects - from movie soundtracks and tv commercials to the latest hit songs.

Created by Panndora Audio.