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Origins of Audio Dark Kalimba Walkthrough

Dark Kalimba is available now!

Origins of Audio lead programmer Alex Koxaras gives a first look demonstration and a walkthrough of Dark Kalimba's features.

General info about Dark Kalimba:
Having sampled a 9 tine kalimba with 7 different tunings we were able to capture a two octaves range with a warm, sweet and rich sound! We managed to imitate the wah effect of its box, giving you the chance not only to enjoy playing with this wonderful instrument but to experiment as well! You can choose how to control the drum effect, by selecting the desirable controller and choose whether you want the effect to be synced with the tempo, or not! You will be able to choose your sound from three different microphone positions, Close, Drum and Stereo (Brüel & Kjær, Beyerdynamic Vintage MPC-50 & Schoeps CMC64). You get to fully control the envelopes and apply FXs such as Delay, Reverb, Compressor, Cabinet, Tape, Lo-Fi and Saturation, in order to create interesting soundscapes. This option will surely change the opinion you might have about this instrument.

For more info please visit https://originsofaudio.com
Listen to an audio demo at https://soundcloud.com/originsofaudio

Performed by Xenofontas Sakellariou.
Recorded at Sierra Studio, Athens Greece.

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