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Percussa Synthor Digital Modular Synth Demo #1

Percussa published a more detailed demo video of Synthor, the digital modular synthesizer for AudioCubes they're currently working on.

To use Synthor you first need to assign a synthesizer module to every AudioCube as well as what other AudioCubes it can modulate. After you've finished assigning a module to every AudioCube, you can start putting cubes together to create a modular synth patch.

In this video the following color codes were used:
- red/orange AudioCubes are wavetable oscillators
- purple AudioCube is a step sequencer
- green AudioCubes are LFOs (frequency and amplitude modulation)
- toggle noise AudioCube (white noise with variable frequency)

The wavetable oscillator cubes are set to do frequency modulation, the step sequencer does frequency modulation, as well as the noise cube.

At the moment, Synthor is not released yet but it will become available in the next weeks, and will be integrated into MIDIBridge.

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