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Percussa Wireless AudioCubes - Sensor Mode - MIDIBridge 3.0 - building an interactive sound and light installation

In this video, Rishabh Rahjan, talks about Sensor Mode in MIDIBridge 3.0, the main software application for the Percussa AudioCubes, and how you can send MIDI CCs data to Ableton Live.

Sensor mode doesn't detect any other audio cubes, it only measures distance to your hands or other objects nearby using its 4 sensors. MIDIBridge 3.0 allows you to use 15 wireless audiocubes as Sensor cubes, and you can assign each of its 4 sensors to a different effect in your DAW.

A cool application of sensor mode is building an interactive sound and light installation where your audience can interact by grabing one of the sensor cubes, walk to the other side of the room (wireless range of the audiocubes is up to 3 meters), while letting them control effects by moving their hands and fingers in front of the sensors of the audiocubes.