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Meet Bucketverb - the best BBD reverb that never existed in the 1980s.

reFuse Software Bucketverb

Meet Bucketverb - the best BBD reverb that never existed in the 1980s.

Demo Bucketverb at http://www.bucketverb.com

Bucketverb imagines an alternate history in which a rare bucket brigade delay (BBD) chip evolved into a sophisticated hardware unit perfect for ambience, lo-fi detuned decay, vocal presence, and more. Unlike standard, single-output BBD delays, analog reverbs used a special multi-tap BBD chip to create multiple simultaneous delay times. Sadly, this effect only showed up in a handful of products, before being swept out of popularity by the rise of digital reverbs.

If you're looking for unique ambience effects, give Bucketverb a try. It aggressively rolls off higher frequencies, and then feeds the signal into our custom BBD modeling. The result is dark and rich. And because of the way Bucketverb pans its six delay taps across the stereo field, it can take any mono source and give it massive left-right spread.

Give vocals a lo-fi halo that won't swamp their presence in a mix. Mono synths and organs can easily be pushed wide into the stereo field. And drums and percussion get an extra spring in their step from the bouncy zing of rippling, cascading delays (try it on handclaps.).

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