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Replika Sound RSCI03 Muralis Rise & Ping : Some Presets

Short Demo showing 8 Riser and 8 Ping Presets from RSCI03 Muralis Rise & Ping.

Muralis Riser : A loop based Riser designer. This tool allows you to create Risers of any length, at any Tempo and between any two Pitches.

Muralis Ping : Signature Sound/ Ping designer. Easily design layered custom Signature / Ping sounds.

Both Instruments use the Audition Engines for Kontakt.

AUDITION Kontakt ENGINE : All Sounds are spread out across your keyboard - 1 Sound per Key. Find a Sound you want by playing your Keyboard and then simply click a button on the GUI to have that Sound loaded and spread out across 5 Octaves. Layer 4 up to Samples together.

Each Sample layer has its own controls for : Volume, Pan, Stereo Width, Pitch, HP and LP Filters, Chorus, Tube Drive, Delay, Tempo-Synced Volume Stutter and HP Filter Gates, Tempo-Synced Autopan, long evolving LFO Sweep FX and ADSR envelopes.

There are Master Tempo-synced Volume Stutter Gates, Tempo-synced Low Pass Filters, Master HP and LP Filters and Volume Envelopes and Effects like Tempo-synced Delay and Convolution Reverb. All automatable.

Audition Player also comes bundled Free with Muralis. Audition is a specially designed Kontakt Player that allows you to use YOUR OWN Samples. Audition is like a bridge between static Sample Packs and playable Virtual Instruments.