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Spherator FM: 4 Operator Frequency Modulation Synthesizer VST VST3 Audio Unit for Windows and Mac: Leads, Pads, Basses, Keys, Atmos Textures, Ambient Soundscapes. FM Synthesis for Windows and Mac 64-bit

Spherator FM is a frequency modulation synthesizer to generate an eclectic spectrum of sounds, through a sine wave modulator oscillator that modulates the frequency of a sine wave carrier oscillator, by creating harmonic and inharmonic sounds.

It can be used to create spacey pads, synth leads, keys, basses, atmospheric textures and ambient soundscapes. Features a collection of 40 presets suitable for many genres and styles of music and flexibility to custom design over a diverse sonic palette.


  • Four FM Operators. Each 'Operator' is a group of components that interact with each other. Features a sine wave oscillator that has its own ADSR envelope generator. In order to synthesize harmonic sounds, known as sidebands, the modulating signal must have a harmonic relationship to the original carrier signal. Using modulators with frequencies that depart from whole multiples of the frequency of the carrier signal, can create inharmonic sounds. The following parameters grows the sound progressively complex:
    • ADSR Envelope Generator: A four stage envelope generator with independent control over each stage:
    • - Attack: determines the time it takes for the note to get to the maximum level.
    • - Decay: determines the time it takes for the note to go from the maximum level to the sustain level (controlled by sustain).
    • - Sustain: determines level the sound is played at while the note is held (after the other envelope states, attack and decay, have been completed).
    • - Release: determines the time it takes for the note to fall from the sustain level to zero (silence) level when it is released.
    • Fine Pitch. Oscillator frequency pitch. Determines how each note will change in pitch over time.
    • Octave. Selector to specify octaves above or below the current octave.
    • Note. Selector to switch between 0 to 11 semitones.
    • Operator Level. Controls the output level of each operator.
  • Modulation Matrix. Offers freely assignable modulations. The four operators can modulate any operator below them with signals routed to the master output. To produce subtle modulation changes, each operator depth value (modulator) is sent to operator phase modulator (carrier) as following:
    • OP2 → OP1: Operator 2 is acting as modulator for Operator 1 (a carrier).
    • OP3 → OP1: Operator 3 is acting as modulator for Operator 1 (a carrier).
    • OP3 → OP2: Operator 3 is acting as modulator for Operator 2 (a carrier).
    • OP4 → OP1: Operator 4 is acting as modulator for Operator 1 (a carrier).
    • OP4 → OP2: Operator 4 is acting as modulator for Operator 2 (a carrier).
    • OP4 → OP3: Operator 4 is acting as modulator for Operator 3 (a carrier).
  • Flanger effect: A stereo flanger that creates a mixing of two identical signals together, one signal delayed by a small and gradually changing period, causing a 'phase shift' between the two signals. The length of this pause is gradually varied over time resulting in a 'sweeping' effect.
    • Rate: Defines the frequency or speed of the oscillator. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the rate or counterclockwise to decrease the rate.
    • Feedback: (Resonance, Regen): Determines the amount of the effect signal that is routed back into the input. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the rate or counterclockwise to decrease the regeneration.
    • Mixer: Controls the volume of the processed signal output.
  • Delay effect. A stereo delay that stores the input signal and plays it back after a certain amount of time, creating from a subtle echo to a pronounced blending of previous sounds with new sounds. Improves the stereo image by adding a slight delay to one of the channels. Parameters include:
    • Time. Modulation to vary the delay time dynamically.
    • Feedback. Regeneration of delay.
  • Reverb effect. Stereo ambience spread brings a sense of spatial depth and width to sound, from small to huge sounding spaces.
  • Drive Boost. A subtle overdriven effect with a gritty nuance.
    • Shaper: Controls the overdrive. At lower settings, is cleaner with a smooth breakup. Turn it clockwise for more overdrive / distortion effect or counterclockwise to decrease it.
    • Limiter: A limiter threshold. Adjusts the limiter sensitivity. Limits the peak level of a sound to avoid harsh clipping distortion. Turn it clockwise to increase it and anticlockwise to decrease it.
    • Mixer: Controls the volume of the processed signal output.
  • Preset Manager. Built-in browser to load and save presets and banks.
  • Preset Name Display: Text box to display the active preset name.
  • 40 Presets (Pre-programmed sounds):

01. ATMO Alien Frequencies
02. ATMO Ethereal Cosmos
03. ATMO Extrasensorial Vibes
04. ATMO Graveyard Fog
05. ATMO Inertia Field
06. ATMO Mystical Cave
07. ATMO Oneiric Catatonia
08. ATMO Psychomotor Impulse
09. ATMO Spectral Ghosts
10. ATMO Underworld Contact
11. BASS Acid Burble
12. BASS Ambience
13. BASS Dry
14. BASS Gritty
15. BASS Igneous Line
16. BASS Muted
17. BASS Percussive Sub
18. KEYS Aquamarine
19. KEYS Digital Quantum
20. KEYS Electric Organ
21. KEYS Electric Piano
22. KEYS Kaleidoscope Organ
23. KEYS Phat Fusion
24. KEYS Resonant Daydream
25. KEYS Swirling Organ
26. LEAD Brassy
27. LEAD Eclectic Machine
28. LEAD Fractal Zone
29. LEAD Poly Synth
30. LEAD Spatial Echoes
31. LEAD Translucence
32. LEAD Wavy Force
33. PAD Atonal Dawn
34. PAD Crypto Gateway
35. PAD Dark Ambient
36. PAD Flangescape
37. PAD Gravitational Waves
38. PAD Heavenly Touch
39. PAD Horologium Oscillatorium
40. PAD Magnetosphere.

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