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Synthractive VST VST3 Audio Unit Stereo Subtractive Synthesizer: Leads, Pads, Basses, Keys, Sequences, Atmos Textures, Ambient Soundscapes, SFX (Windows, macOS)

Synthractive is a stereo subtractive synthesizer. Tones are created by subtracting unwanted frequencies, usually harmonics, attenuated by a filter to alter the timbre of the sound. Dialing in a combination of parameters from the oscillators, LFOs, amplitude and filter envelopes, will determine the tone and shape of the sound, which allows to sculpt a wide range of sonic texture.

It can be used to create spacey pads, synth leads, keys, basses, sequences, atmospheric textures, ambient soundscapes and sound effects. Features a collection of 40 presets suitable for many genres and styles of music and flexibility to custom design over a diverse sonic palette.


  • Two Oscillators. Each one features a fine-tuning, pulse width and level parameters, as well as the following selectors:
    • Waveform. Selector to switch between sine, sawtooth, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise and pink noise waveforms.
    • Octave. Selector to specify octaves above or below the current octave.
    • Note. Selector to switch between 0 to 11 semitones.
  • Filter Section. A state variable filter with the following parameters:
    • Filter Cutoff. Adjusts the frequency range to contour the sound, add or regulate brightness.
    • Filter Resonance. Slightly emphasize or suppress portions of the signal above or below the defined color/tone frequency.
    • Keyboard Tracking. The Key Tracking knob position subtly modulates the cutoff frequency.
    • Filter Type. Switches the filter between lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or band-rejection filter types, offering a simple and effective tone control to shape and color the sound source.
  • Filter Envelope. This section provides control of the filter cutoff frequency over time, with ADSR parameters: attack time, decay time, sustain level, release time plus a level knob that defines the envelope overall level.
  • Amplitude Envelope. This section controls the volume or amplitude of the sound with independent control over each ADSR stage with an amplitude envelope overall level.
  • Two Low-Frequency Oscillators. These parameters apply LFO modulation of various aspects of the audio signal to apply effects such as vibrato or tremolo.
    • LFO Rate: Controls gradual changes to the pitch of notes or the filter cutoff frequency.
    • LFO Depth: Controls the amplitude of the LFO. With a lower setting, the resulting modulation is subtle, while a higher depth will result in a much more extreme effect.
    • The following parameter settings adds motion or variability to sounds:
    • Waveform. Selector to switch between sine, sawtooth, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise and pink noise waveforms.
    • Source. Combo box to switch between LFO 1, LFO 2, Filter Envelope, Velocity, Aftertouch and Modulation Wheel.
    • Destination. Selector to switch between Cutoff, Pulse Width, Pitch and Volume modulation.
    • Invert. Sets the LFO shape to be a positive or negative envelope. Off applies a positive envelope shape. On applies a negative envelope shape.
  • Stereo Reverb effect. Ambience spread brings a sense of spatial depth and width to sound, from small to huge sounding spaces.
  • Stereo Delay effect. Stores the input signal and plays it back after a certain amount of time, creating from a subtle echo to a pronounced blending of previous sounds with new sounds. Improves the stereo image by adding a slight delay to one of the channels. Parameters includes a time knob, to vary the delay time dynamically and a feedback or regeneration control.
  • Preset Manager. Built-in browser to load and save presets and banks.
  • 40 Presets:
  1. LEAD Fuzz Lead.
  2. LEAD Gravitational Energy.
  3. LEAD Gritty Lead.
  4. LEAD Saw Lead.
  5. LEAD Thick Waves.
  6. LEAD Wavy Pulse.
  7. PAD Borealis Basin.
  8. PAD Cinematic Synth.
  9. PAD Crystal Reverie.
  10. PAD Deep Ambient.
  11. PAD Glassy Vision.
  12. PAD Soundscape Texture.
  13. PAD Spacey Organ.
  14. BASS Acid Bassline.
  15. BASS Chameleon Bassline.
  16. BASS Fat Bass.
  17. BASS Pedal Synthesizer.
  18. BASS ResoMoog.
  19. BASS Resonance Bass.
  20. KEY Electric Piano.
  21. KEY Marimbaphone.
  22. KEY Organ Flute.
  23. KEY Poly Brass.
  24. KEY Sine Wave Organ.
  25. SEQ Asteroids.
  26. SEQ Asynchronous World.
  27. SEQ Automated Ravens.
  28. SEQ Kaleidoscope.
  29. SEQ Liquid Pattern.
  30. SEQ Rhythmic Magma.
  31. ATMO Cosmic Wind.
  32. ATMO Extrasensory Waves.
  33. ATMO Oneiric Chamber.
  34. ATMO Serial Madness.
  35. ATMO Sinusoidal Dream.
  36. ATMO Spectral Ghosts.
  37. SFX Ascending Brain.
  38. SFX Birds Murmuration.
  39. SFX Effervescent Laser.
  40. SFX Subtractive Alien.
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