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TAL J-8 Jupiter 8 VIRGO Soundset Walkthrough - Analogue Synth 80s Electronica 128 Synthwave presets

Virgo is the new collection of 128 presets for the great Roland Jupiter 8 emulation J-8 by Togu Audio Line.

Virgo is about analogue synth nostalgia, the 80s soundtracks; sounds designed for dreamy, emotive and suspenseful music projects and soundtracks.

Inspired by the soundtracks from Summer 84, Norskov and Stranger Things, and the music from Boards of Canada, Solar Fields and John Carpenter.

The sound of Virgo is haunting, dystopic, tense and warm; reminding things like vast icelandic landscapes, the far away unknown galaxies, a cold and smokey town from Russia during the winter or the investigations behind a series of strange crimes in a small town.

Formed by lush leads and pads, dynamic sequences and arps, wonderful keys, tense cinematic bass loops, dystopian soundscapes, broken & faulty synths. In addition a lot of presets have been designed by using the two layer option of J-8 which is quite useful to make morphed sounds and dynamic, ever changing sequencer patterns.

TAL J-8 is an accurate Roland Jupiter 8 emulation with carefully calibrated controls with makes a true replacement for the hardware synth will all the advantages of a software plugin.