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In this two minute tuesday video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you two make you sub bass be heard through laptop and cellphone speakers by using Spectre by Waves Factory to add harmonic saturation and distortion to the audio signal. Spectre is a unique plugin that uses EQ filters to pinpoint areas of the frequency spectrum and while boosting the frequency range also colors the audio signal by adding harmonic saturation and distortion. This is very useful to a number of applications. Spectre is a sound-shaping tool that combines the best features of an enhancer coupled with a graphical parametric equaliser. Spectre processes the difference between the input signal and the EQ signal, introducing harmonic content to just the part of the spectrum that you want from a variety of saturation algorithms based on classic recording hardware. Spectre can be used on individual tracks, sub-mixes, the entire mix and is ideal for mastering.