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Vintage Legend For Arturia CS-80 Classic sounds from the heyday of Electronica.

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For many professional musicians, the Yamaha CS80 was one of the unquestionable greats.
It was a vital part of the sound of Vangelis, Brian Eno, Michel Jarre, Yes, Genesis, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, and David Bowie.

The CS80 could do some things that even the most expensive modern Romplers still cant.
It had an almost organic quality to it that seemed like it had a pulse.
The way the modulation cycled and the filters emoted was very musical.
Listen to the classic recordings of Vangelis or Brian Eno, both did some of their best work with it.

It was a synth with a soul, very warm and expressive in a way samples simply cannot come close to.

"Vintage Legend" for Arturia CS80 goes back to the heyday sounds of the CS80.

Back to the sounds that were part of early Electronica and Ambient music.

This collection focuses on what the CS80 did best, Pads and Melodic synth presets.

Also included are classic arps, brass, bass, keys and leads as only the CS80 could make as well as individual control data.

Pads: 45.

ARPS: 26.

Bass: 14.

Synth: 18.

Brass: 9.

Leads: 6.

Keys: 5.

FX: 3.

Total: 125.