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Sonokinetic specializes in in-depth musical history heritage exploration since 2008. With "Yiddish" we fulfill our premise to capture part of the Jewish music culture and complement our signature sampling line with this very recognizable musical style. Different from the mystical Sephardic "Voices of Israel" and our cross-over to the Yemenite style, "Yiddish" brings a more Jewish-European oriented style which found its roots in the high-german and Ashkenazi language.

This library is a very specific and authentic representation of its promised title, a niche in ethnic music that hasn't been covered in sampling before. With "Yiddish", Sonokinetic BV is very proud to present to you a continuation in our proven concept in vocal cinematic performance sampling. You can expect the same dedication to high-end sample quality, software performance, instrument handling and documentation that is present in all of our vocal products. This collection will fulfill your professional media-scoring needs when working within this thematic color, style or genre. We hope you will let this breathtaking musical performance and dramatic cinematic vocal fx collection inspire you and show you new compositorial ways.

While in 'Voices of Israel' (and Yemenite too in a way) we have shone a light on one side of Israel's musical culture, the diversity of styles available in that part of the world and the very particular flavour of this one impelled us to musically revisit Tel Aviv, and employ producer Hagai Davidoff to find and record a Yiddish vocalist for us.

As we have worked with Hagai before on 'Voices of Israel' and 'Yemenite' we knew we could count on him to come up with a great performer, and he found her in Rahel Jaskow. Very adept in this particular historic style and a veritable encyclopedia of little-known facts of Yiddish culture and music, Rahel was the perfect choice to cement this musical heritage into a composing tool for the rest of us. Rahel picked the 10 stunning royalty free songs and the 4 poems that comprise the product, and she improvised an improvisation section and Fx section to match.

Again Sonokinetic sticks with its unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling standards.
This is an absolute giveaway and hard to resist library if this is what your project needs.
We're proud to release "Yiddish" and let her spread the inspiration of the Yiddish female vocal sound and the rich culture that is Yiddish folklore music.

We again push the limit trying to capture the magic of very particular music styles with this wide selection of easy to use vocal performances and fx samples, and in doing so providing you the possibility, when need arises, to compose in true Yiddish fashion and blow away your clientele with tracks containing truly professional sounding vocals.

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