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Relab Development releases Sonsig ACE Dimensional Expander Plugin

Relab Development

Relab Development has announced the release of Sonsig ACE, a new dimensional expander plugin, saying:

Sonsig ACE is a cutting-edge dimensional expander designed to be the "Swiss-army knife" of spatial effects, unlocking a new sonic universe with its 12-in-1 power.

With its unique multi-voice, dual-engine design and proprietary hand-tuned ACE modulation technology, you'll be sculpting immersive soundscapes with the richest, most complex ensemble-type dimensional expander in no time.

This is the effect upgrade you didn't know you needed...

Sonsig ACE Features:

  • Rich, Dimensional Textures: Experience a more vibrant and immersive mix, with enhanced depth and three-dimensionality.
  • Natural, Artifact-Free Stereo Spread: Reduce center-channel congestion and spread sounds naturally across the stereo field for a wider, more spacious mix.
  • Enhanced Thickness Without Comb Filtering: Make your sound sources thicker and more complex, without the destructive artifacts caused by traditional comb filtering.
  • Mono Compatibility: Preserve the integrity and power of your mix, even in mono, ensuring consistency in quality across all listening formats.

Intro Price: $79 (Reg. $99) from Relab Development




Discussion: Active
17 May 2024 at 9:19am

Sonsic ACE is The Chorus, no doubt about it. Once I'd played with the 7 days trial for half an hour, I realised that I wouldn't need any other, ever.

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