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Products by 123creative.com

Albino 3 Psytrance PresetsPsytrance
by 123creative.com
MyKVR18.90 € Limited introductory (discount 25%): 14 €
Angelic ParticlesExperimental
by 123creative.com
MyKVR11,90 €. Limited introductory 8,90 €
Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol.2Drums
by 123creative.com
MyKVR24.90 € (Introductory 33% off: 16.68 €)
by 123creative.com
MyKVR14.90 € (introductory for first 100 customers: 9.90 €)
Epralux ORB7000Reverb
by 123creative.com
MyKVR34.90 € (Introductory 17.80 €)
Filthy Reezes - 250 intense loopsDubstep
by 123creative.com
MyKVR25.90 € (Introductory from 6th - 8th Feb. 12.95 €)
FX SamplepackSamples Bundle
by 123creative.com
MyKVRIntroductory 12.90 € (standard: 14.90€)
Insane Risers - 248 groundbreaking samplesHouse
by 123creative.com
MyKVR25.90 € (Introductory from 6th - 8th Feb. 12.95 €)
Luv 2020Samples
by 123creative.com
MyKVR16.29 € (Introductory: 13.29 €)
Monster basses - 250 haunting loopsBass
by 123creative.com
MyKVR25.90 € (Introductory from 6th - 8th Feb. 12.95 €)
Nightwave Vol.2Samples
by 123creative.com
MyKVR20.00 € (Introductory: 12.90 €)
Transhaper X3Transient Shaping
by 123creative.com
MyKVRPrice: 16.90 € Limited introductory price: 9.90 €

Latest reviews of 123creative.com products

Kastelheimer Veldberg XD

Reviewed By tf-drone [all]
November 29th, 2017
Version reviewed: n/a on Windows

Just (2017-11) bought the full version. It comes as 32-bit VST with a serial number.

The gui is rather big and straightforward. The waveforms and filters are really very good, and the presets too. Basses, FX, Leads, Arps, the special Psy sound, all very clear and diverse. It has a modulation matrix with 6 entries, each with the same 5 sources and 6 or so destinations. Effects are 'only' a synchronizable delay and a flanger, but that is not a problem. CPU load is very low, 4% in Ableton on my Lenovo notebook.

However, it has several missing but important parameters:

NO key velocity, NO aftertouch, NO pitchbend, and NO modulation wheel sensitivity.

If these parameters were present, a rating of 8 or 9 would be in order. For now, I can only give 5/10.

A bit funny is that the gui is part english, part german, but the synth is easy to understand, so everybody will get the hang of it quickly. Quite astonishing that so much is possible with so few parameters, so the "four NO's" are even more annoying.

An update would be really great.

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Epralux ORB7000

Reviewed By EatMe [all]
December 17th, 2013
Version reviewed: personal on Windows

The reverb that this ORB7000 plugin creates is very rich and adjustable. There are many parameters to set and change. There are of course the regular parameters for a reverb, the pre-delay, damping, room size, width, dry/wet mix make the foundation for the reverbration. The amplification parameters allow for a volume-wise differently timed and shaped reverbration ramping. The filter section comes with low- and high pass filter for the reverbrated sound. The reverbration generated on an octave below, the original octave and an octave above - adjustable in level for each octave - allows to enhance sound in a way that differs from regular reverbs.

The now released version (first version) of the ORB7000 doesn't work as good as the "personal" version I received after mailing with support of 123Creative, who created an excellent plugin with what it seems a buggy protection mechanism on top which crashes on multiple instances of the released ORB7000.

So, if you purchase the plugin, you could experience crashes, which for me was solved by their support by sending me a "personal" version. I hope they will fix this bug in the future. I had no problem with the purchase and downloading and registration.

So, it's actually an excellent plugin if the developers get it to work completely, or when you receive their working version.. (as on 2013dec17)

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