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ADSR is a network of sites for digital musicians. Our portfolio of synth-specific education sites house an extensive library of tutorials where you can learn everything from the basics of Maschine or producing specific sounds with NI Massive, right through to the theoretical side of sound design with u-he Zebra. We offer both a comprehensive education resource as well as a one-stop shop for producers needing ready made sounds, presets or looking for specialised intensive course materials. To join the community, browse the store and gain access to hundreds of free tutorials, visit www.ADSRsounds.com

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ADSR Sample Manager
Reviewed By YnJ
December 10th, 2021

Agree with and second the other fellows who have understood that you need to wait for the Sample Manager to get the analyzing done first, and not load all your samples up into it all at once.

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ADSR Sample Manager
Reviewed By antoniusguntoro
December 6th, 2021

I love it because it can play different key without changing the playback speed. But the sound is bad on very high notes (understandable). IMPORTANT: you should wait until the plugin finished to analyze the sample library when first time importing a sample folder. When it finished, the plugin is stable. You can monitor the progress by clicking "Show library panel" menu at the left side. It took me 30 minutes to analyze 16 GB sample folder. It crashed a lot while it's analyzing, but when it's done I never experience crash again. (Cakewalk 64-bit Win 10 vst3).

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ADSR Sample Manager
Reviewed By AX11
March 26th, 2021

Works quite nicely for me. Has been rock stable so far and seems up to the task. Intuitively to work with, responsive and clear interface. Still is a lot of work to tag and sort a big library that has been growing for ten years or more for sure, but that's within the nature of these things.

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ADSR Sample Manager
Reviewed By Ijon Tichy
March 5th, 2021

I haven't come across such an unstable plugin in many years. It crashes so often it's completely useless. I could add one star for being free, but I would have to take it back for my lost time, especially since the developer doesn't seem to care.

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ADSR Sample Manager
Reviewed By soundpeaks
January 12th, 2021

IMO it is the best sample manager out there. UI + UX is perfect. Responsive support. Master volume. VST version. Quick search. It made my production x100 faster. Strongly recommend. I loaded 250 GB into it. Don't listen to people who say it's unstable. It haven't crashed even once at my system Win 10 x64. Also people do it wrong when try to drag and drop 1 huge folder into ADSR Sample Manager. You want to go inside and drag 100 sub folders instead.

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ADSR Sample Manager
Reviewed By jettamb
July 26th, 2020

Extremely buggy and unstable. The idea is great, and if it worked ok, it would be super-cool, but it crashes multiple times while scanning my library, then it crashes when I'm using it (standalone or VST - doesn't matter).

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2 stars instead of 1 since its free. This is the most unstable plugin I have come across after using hundreds. Been waiting for a fix but company is not prioritizing this plugin to fix. Good luck but highly recommend skipping until new version that is somewhat stable. Absolutely do not try to load a large library into this. It won't work.

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ADSR Sample Manager
Reviewed By lchrisw67
July 21st, 2020

I wasted too much time loading my samply library only to have the program crash when I try to add a tag to more than one file. I did intermittent checks on what I considered important functions and failed to check that one. It's a cool program if it would do what it's supposed to too. I'd try to load only a few of your samples at a time (less than 5GB) and run the program for a few hours before adding anymore.

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