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Reviewed By Ripthorn2
December 25, 2020

Sounds great and works just as you would expect it to. It can cause CPU spikes, and it particularly didn't like to be engaged when I was tracking with it on, so I tracked and added afterwards. Still, sounds great and dead simple to use.

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Spirit Reverb
Reviewed By polishbroadcast
August 22, 2020

I'm a big spring fan and it's my main mix reverb for years now. I used to use a stereo Orban and Furman spring before moving digital. The Spirit Reverb was one of the best recreations I've tried and which gets the subtle overtones and dimension you'd expect in a real spring.

The downside is that it hasn't been updated for a few years. The last supported Mac version is 10.13 and it no longer works on 10.15. Support did answer me but none of their suggestions solved it. Maybe the Windows support is better. If you are on an older version of Mac OS or Windows, definitely check it out. If you are staying up to date on Mac OS, some of the better options like Space Designer (Logic convolution) and Amazing Stereo Spring (Ableton convolution) will be a worthy replacement.

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Reviewed By golden_Dragon
June 7, 2019

Clearly guys this plugin is awesome .

It is my second best voice-pitch changer plugin you must give it a try and you will see it with your own eyes that with a few.

clicks it is epic !!.

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Reviewed By jwise
August 20, 2016

Looking around for a great Pitch Shifting plugin I came across the previous review and it sounded solid and well thought out so I went and downloaded the demo to compare with other plugins I was considering. I was blown away, especially by the multiple voices and great modifiers. I'm using this in Bitwig and at the moment the plugin host only shows parameters as "Ctrl 0, 1, 2, etc" but not the name of the function that's being modified. To get to the presets I have to click on "Show plug-in programs" on the host window in the device chain and then there are only 5 presets - 20 more would be greatly appreciated! The guys at Aegean Music have done a superb job.

As I was writing this I noticed that Aegean have announced a 35% off sale coming up September 1 with special bundle pricing and a new version of Pitchometry coming out!!!! HUGE.

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Reviewed By confusedmuse
July 13, 2016

Highly recommended if you are looking for a good sounding pitch shift effect with zero latency.

I was searching for a decent latency free pitch shift VST for years. It's not too hard to find one with a good sound, but they always come with latency up to 200 ms. The best one I've found still has ~40 ms. Still too much for live recordings.

The ones I've found without latency had a very unnatural sound, especially at higher pitch rates. (+/- 1 octave)

The only exception is Eventide's Octavox, which earns the second place imo, since it has a "Live Mode" where it's latency free, and it sounds pretty good. At least in not too extreme situations.

But pitching down the low b string of my 7-string electric guitar by 1 octave is too much for it. The sound "flutters".

Pitchometry can handle this situation quite well.

There's a demo version available on their site. It's fully functional, there's just a noise coming from time to time. (in a very fair frequency by the way - not every 10 seconds like in some other plugins where it's hard to focus on the sound properly)

I highly recommend to check it out. The price-performance ratio is excellent.

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Spirit Reverb
Reviewed By Krakatau
February 22, 2016

This spring reverb emulation is like no others, highly inspiring to me.

Rather than trying to emulated spring reverbs accurately, that still seems to be an unreached challenge in the virtual world at the present time to some expert's judgement, the folks in Aegan music managed to capture some of the typical, coloured aspects of these vintage reverbs and gave to the users something highly tweakable, leaving the possibility to modify the most inspiring aspects of spring effects (rather than properly called "reverb") that no real spring reverb would be able to offer.

So there is here a wide palette of different colors ans characters in these emulated springs that IMO compensate very honourably the lack of accuracy that some might feel...and i'm not one of them.

I own already both Overloud Springage and PSP Springbox, both are very good sounding spring emulation in themselves, but this one IMO, gives the best set of parameters and flexibility for innovative creativity.

really excellent and among the best sounding but more that that, the most flexible in relevant manners for creative purposes..and that makes a significant difference for me .

... also considering the very reasonable price. among the three mentioned in this review, it's the cheaper of them for a same level of quality .

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Amp Vision
Reviewed By Quietinthedark
May 8, 2013

Purchase was easy enough and instant- you just log in after your payment goes thru and it gives you your name and serial.

Install was simple, unzip, put in DAW's VST folder, enter name and serial.

User interface is intuitive. Amp tabs, pedal tabs, cabinet tab, noise gate, general plugin controls.

The only thing it took me a few seconds to figure out was how to have stereo IRs. (I knew it must be possible since I was looking at the pan knob) - use the Cab drop down.

Sound. It sounds like guitar amps, cabs, and pedals. I wont attempt to describe it, there is a demo and tones are like cheese; some like Cheddar and some Gouda.

Lets you load your own IRs.

I would probably appreciate a few more knobs on some of the models, but I suppose they are true to what some of the amps they were tributes to.

I've been looking for a guitar rig plugin with a lot of clean tones and this plugin comes with plenty. At the special sale price $28, it works out to one amp model per $1. It has everything from clean to metal of course. It has a couple overdrive or distortion pedals, a couple EQs, autowah, Comp. The noise gate was smooth.

CPU use - Much the same as other amp sims.

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