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Kick-Ass Brass!

Reviewed By c3boy [all]
September 23rd, 2006
Version reviewed: Latest on Windows

I thought I'd chip in with a review of Kick Ass Brass VST.

Firstly, this will be reviewed under the platform I run it on. Muse Receptor. I have got the latest version with the Receptor tweaks on it.

I have been after great horn solo and section sounds for as long as I've been in bands. Not wanting to pay/rely on additional members that hiring a horn section (sorry guys, i love you really!) brings, the only thing I could do was get the best brass I could for my style of music I play in a band, jazz/funk soul, pop.

I bought KAB after comparing it to other current horn vst/libraries and I honestly think in the context of the music I play it is the best bar none.

The sound of the instruments are amazing and I can happily spend an age just playing them on there own.

There's nothing synthetic about them, even in the upper register of each instrument, they sound so breathy and silky. I dare anyone not to play the mute trumpet with some built in reverb, and play a few piano chords with it, it oozes class!

I won't bother with technical specs, you can download them from the AMG website.

But sound alone it is, for me worth the money I paid - £200.

Ok, as I said at the top, I bought this for Muse Receptor, and it does gladly install under the unsupported method.

It can develop a few minor glitches in Receptor, which I am sure if Muse supported KAB they could sort in no time with Muon.

Sometimes in multi mode after loading up, there is no sound, but if you load it again it usually works. But I'd say only once or twice out of ten it causes this no sound problem. Sometimes the built in effect can change or stop, but once again I'd say about once or twice out of ten. I have recently started using Snapshot banks on Receptor with all my instruments preloaded to memory. So once it's loaded up, it's fine, it just get's muted on the channel when not needed, as opposed to being cleared from memory and having to reload, which could bring that one or two times it does'nt sound into play.

So, I use it with Snapshots and it's there for me, and not needed to be reloaded.

Please note that there is NO problem with Kick Ass Brass, it's perfect. It's just with it being unsupported in Receptor, there is a couple of minor bugs which could do with sorting out as i described above, for it to work in Receptor flawlessly.

I am hoping one day that Muse and Muon will sort out these very minor things and it will in my opinion be leaps and bounds above every other horn library that is available in Receptor.

On PC/Mac it already is in my opinion!
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