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Reviewed By faultyline
November 23rd, 2022

if you are looking for an alternative to VSL this is a great piece of software and FREE at the moment.

definitely recommended (using 1.2 beta 15).

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Reviewed By doja
March 9th, 2022

Just trying this on a single Mac (MacBook Pro max) and it seems to work well except for weird cursor behavior. When I move the cursor over the audiogridder plugin in Logic, it jumps to the window showing the instrument outside of Logic (which must be the audiogridder server) rather than letting me deal with the instrument in the audiogridder plugin in Logic.

I have the various permissions/access set in Settings/Privacy etc. Must be some other basic thing I haven't done right?

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Reviewed By dermage
October 15th, 2021

Audiogridder is the best addition to a DAW which you never knew you would need. But if you got it, you ask yourself why this isn't available in DAWs natively yet.

I'm using it with Ableton Live and it made my Computer so much more powerful.

Review is based on 1.2b6, although also 1.1 has most features, but is not as good to use on a local computer.


- sandboxing plugins (if plugin crashes, DAW does not crash).

- offloading work to other CPU cores (if you have a 4+ multi core processor), and this really works. I can load more plugins than ever before, especially on the master bus.

- offloading work to other computers.

- plugin chains within a single instance.

- open source.

- it's free.


- introduced latency is still quite high (it's by design because of the roundtrip time/renderning overhead), but I maybe this could be imrproved in future versions maybe a bit.

- no commercial product available (that means you have to hope the developer has an interest in supporting the product for a longer time and keep it compatible with previous versions).

- uses free JUCE framework with added overlays when loading (minor negative point).

All in all the pros outweigh the contras, but still it is unclear how long it will be supported. I encourage people to donate to the developer, even small amounts, to keep him working. Since this is the best thing that happened to multi-core CPUs/heavy DAW processing since a lot of years.

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Reviewed By TITANAsx
February 10th, 2021

Great application, very stable the last version. Definately i will support it on future releases.

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Reviewed By prashantmishra
April 29th, 2020

This is such a brilliant solution! Looking forward to a Windows version so that Mac and Windows systems can be used in parallel. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing tool.

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