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Hello! I'm a trance producer and developer dipping his toes into DSP with plugins to use in my own music and share.

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Reviewed By a1219 [all]
April 29th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.26 on Linux

This is a simple-yet-powerful synth and that becomes even more evident when we consider it's still a WIP/alpha software. I really enjoyed how it sounds and its modulation section reminded me a little bit of Odin2, which is another synth with deep capabilities and a straight-forward interface. I think that in the near future Actuate can become a reference FOSS synth alongside not just Odin2, but TAL NoiseMaker and Helm as well.

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Reviewed By Akal Seva [all]
April 23rd, 2024
Version reviewed: 2.2.1 on Mac

The MAC version has not been properly packaged yet. It's not in the complete AU format.
Please check again before release.

Response from Ardura from Ardura on April 23rd, 2024

Sorry about that! I have updated the builds here on KVR and on Github and it should work now. I overlooked that since I am unable to test the Mac or Linux versions sorry.

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Reviewed By overlord1111 [all]
March 12th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.2.2 on Windows

Causes Cantabile to crash when trying to scan in this plugin. Causes vsthost to work at a crawl. (Windows os).

Response from Ardura from Ardura on March 13th, 2024

Hi! I was able to fix some issues in more 'live' oriented hosts in the past so I'll take a look into testing with those and fixing your issues if I can. I admit I have never used either host and test on FL Studio for the most part. Hopefully future versions become more compatible, and thanks for trying it out.

Edit: I tried Cantible and it looks like a memory access error happens that Cantible reports in its logs. I looked through their troubleshooting tips and tried all in addition to toggling OpenGL (Actuate uses it) and different audio engines with no avail. I would suggest opening a bug with Cantible for this so your exact environment details and logs are there for them. I also tried VSTHost and was able to open Actuate and send MIDI info to it. I compared Actuate's CPU/mem usage to Sylenth1 and only saw a few % difference with my CPU hanging around 9-13% and no stutters so I'm not really sure where your issue lies there. However it does seem that the plugin window half-works in VSTHost, so I made a few sounds in the param window to test that at least you can use it that way. For now I will make a note that those DAWs have issues so other user can be informed. Thanks again.

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