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Products by AudioNerdz

Latest reviews of AudioNerdz products

Delay Lama
Reviewed By Mondeezy
July 17th, 2023

This plugin is awesome! This plugin is not useless at all if you know how to mix it in a track.

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Delay Lama
Reviewed By mrtorres82
February 22nd, 2019

this plugin is a great background effect and instrument for reggaeton and hip hop tracks. i have read many comments here that this plugin is useless and a joke but little do these people know that this plugin has been used by the top producers of music using fruity loops to make beats for daddy yankee nicky jam and many many more. the most famous produders to use this plugin is lunytunes. a duo who make reaggaton beats for a wide range of artists including the ones mentioned above. thank you audio nerdz for this revolutionary plugin.

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Delay Lama
Reviewed By Norm6777
November 23rd, 2018

I contacted them about ten years ago about being incompatible with Mac and they gave me a snotty reply about Macs being second rate computers... I tried again and It's clear to me the problem is with the programmers NOT Mac! :) A waste of time. Someone please replace this with a good plugin that works.

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Delay Lama
Reviewed By Acesys
November 23rd, 2018

To see kids eyes light up and be so entertained by this is endearing.

As you all know, a DAW is usually very complex, all kinds of things depending on other things. Let alone let's face it, well over 90% of all the music production is so lousy made by self-important stars who have long lost their sense of humor and repel any audience who isn't paid to be there...

Plugin goes "ahhh" and mouth opens. Might be one of the most important plugins 90% of you ever install :-). At least kids can relate to it.

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Delay Lama
Reviewed By mixyguy2
August 27th, 2018

Like most everyone else, I can't imagine ever actually using this in a recording, but it's still worth a download just for the laugh. Every once in awhile if I'm bored/frustrated/whatever, I'll pull this up and go ooh-ow-ah-ayh-eeh ooh-ow-ah-ayh-eeh ooh-ow-ah-ayh-eeh a few times and I'll feel better. :) And really, the vocal emulation is still better than a lot of "serious" synths I've used. I'd love to see these guys do some synth dedicated to serious vocal simulations (choirs etc).

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Delay Lama
Reviewed By Hewitt Huntwork
August 1st, 2004

Delay Lama is a clever little plug-in. Its elegant simplicity is a joy to experience!

The use of just a few changeable parameters and one built-in effect give this synth its unique quality. Having more than one way to control the parameters is cool, too. You can adjust the knobs or just drag on the X-Y type field.

I consider it to have the best user interface of any VSTi I've ever used. That little monk never fails to make me smile. :)

I'm surprised that AudioNerdz hasn't tried to use this same simple concept with a few different sounding synths. I think that would be very interesting.

Lastly, it may just be me, but I HAVE used this plug in one of my tunes! DL now for a good time!

Features, Presets, and Support are not really big issues. I didn't care about/need them and neither will you.
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Delay Lama
Reviewed By Rabid
December 9th, 2003

One word to describe this VSTi – Fun. It may not fill musical needs, but it does demonstrate the imagination of some programmers. Considering this was an early VSTi they did an excellent job of blending a simple sound engine with visual feedback. And hey, some people run it few an effects chain and get different, interesting leads. If you don’t have it, download it. I just wish they made a polyphony version, the Delay Lama Choir.

Don't pay attentioin to my ratings on this one. Just rate it "fun".

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Delay Lama
Reviewed By ukelele
October 29th, 2003

This synth is close to unusable... There are other synths like the Virsyn Cube that can play much better vocal synths, but that's not the point with this one. It's just friggin' funny to play with:)

If you want a novelty between your VSTi's, get this little singing monk right now! You won't regret it and probably spend 2+ hours just fooling around...
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