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Latest reviews of BetabugsAudio products

Reviewed By cristian caus
September 11th, 2021

This plugin is very complete. Easy to manipulate because its interface is very friendly and the most important thing is that the effect
Chorus does it very well. Excellent.

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Reviewed By Sendy
April 23rd, 2012

Sometimes you want to shift a stereo image, such that it spans from the left speaker to the center, or something like that. Traditional panning won't achieve that, because it's only balancing between the left and the right - the mid point is the fulcrum. Enter Moneo, it's free and it's in my toolbox because it's the only way I know of how to do this!

Haven't used the inbuilt resonant filter, because I have dedicated payware for that, but this is a godsend for mix balancing and moving spaces around. Just place each channel where you want to reposition it on the pads and you're done! Simples! Sounds good (asin it doesn't tarnish your precious audio signals) and is easy to use and free! I give it an 8 because really, it's nothing mind-blowing. There are much more exciting freebies out there. I'm not a fan of that "mixtape" font and the GUI graphics, particularly... But that doesn't detract from it's usefulness!

Very handy utility! Thanks to the developer!

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