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Latest reviews of buzzroom products

Lallapallooza lite
Reviewed By Vasilis76
June 29th, 2021

Is very great and at least you should try it.About how it soundshave nothing more to say.CoreTrooper below cover all you need to know.

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Reviewed By Ayavaron
April 15th, 2013


  • Incredibly direct, non skeuomorphic interface.
  • Low system requirements.
  • Output sound is useable, not mind-blowing but perfectly acceptable-sounding.


  • Just not as good-sounding as other freeware reverb plugins. When you could use the likes of EpicVerb or Ambience, it's kind of like "Why use anything else?" It's a shame though because this probably has my favorite UI of any reverb plugin I've used. I wish Ambience looked more like this.
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BuzComp Free GranComp3
Reviewed By AKJ
May 10th, 2005

This 3-band compressor VST plugin is part of the free BuzzComp Bundle from Buzzroom which I highly recommend to anybody. I picked the GranComp3 plugin to review since it is my favourite one in this bundle.
I would not use it for mastering since it can be too much coloring and I got Soniformer for this purpose, but I use it a lot for tracks as coloring is desirable to me here. Actually, apart from crunchessor (also very versatile and easier to set up) and blockfish (which has its very own character) it is my favourite track compressor plugin. I know, many people will not agree, but I rate it even higher than the Golden Compressor of Kjaerhus Audio (which is indeed a very good one). I just want to stress by stating this how much I like the sound and the versatility of this compressor. It has a sound full of character and, if you use it as the last plug in your fx chain, it is very useful that it has a (brickwall?) limiter inculded.
Minor points of criticism are the lack of documentation (however, a documentation is not really needed since, if you are familiar with compressors, most things should be self-explanatory) and that not too many presets are included. I never needed customer support, so I rated it 10 in order to not bring down the rating.
I did not experience any stability problems with this plugin so far.

Highly recommended!!! Make the download, it's free! Thank you Buzzroom!
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BuzComp Free GeneComp
Reviewed By brovard
March 8th, 2005

I downloaded this compression FX. Whooooaao, it rocks !
It ensure a wide range of sound capabilities while retaining a high sound quality. It can be used on very dynamic instruments.
This plugin makes tweaking much faster and easier and looks a lot cleaner. I'm using it everyday, mainly because of the fantastic GUI.
The most important thing is the sound and it's really cool.
It can make quite good sound to when added with correct EQ and Delay on vocal tracks.
you can take any track and make really good sound in this manner.
This is a really nice compressor. The sound is pretty clean, and even when pushed quite hard there is no pumping and clarity of sound remains high.
From smooth to warm, it works well with all material for tracking, mixing and mastering.
The best is this plug is free, so there really is no reason not to try it.
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Reviewed By ouroboros
February 15th, 2004

I really enjoy this synth. It is easy to program and sounds great.
UI:Please note that the newest GUI is completely redesigned and looks great. Simple, clear, catchy. Doesn't hog the screen. Plus, I like sliders much more than knobs.
Sound:Wow. It just sounds great. Very thick sounds possible. Despite the name, this is not a 303 clone only. It is very flexible and capable of a wide range of basses, leads, and maybe even a pad for a creative type. The filters seem nice, as well.
Documentaion: Straightforward pics of synth with midi labels. No tutorials, but its awfully simple.
Presets:decent variety
Customer support: I have no idea, never having contacted them, but they do have an active forum on the site, primarily in Japanese.
Value for money: It is a great time to live in when synths that sound like this are free...
Stability: This leaves a bit to be desired. Occasionally, loading user presets hangs the machine, or loading a preset and then cycling through the OEM presets, the user preset vanishes and/or resets to the original. Still very usable though.
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Reviewed By logicgate
November 29th, 2003

Buzzroom ssSF does one thing and does it well. It’s the only free Windows VSTi SoundFont player I’m aware of that allows more than three simultaneous notes (it can play up to six) and has an amplifier envelope. As a result, it’s the only SoundFont player I use.

The GUI is functional without being particularly attractive. I don’t use any of the controls other than the envelope knobs, so I can’t comment on features like pitch bend, portamento, etc.

One quirk to be aware of is that the display doesn’t update to show the chosen sample until you play the first note. This may be an issue with SynthEdit rather than with ssSF specifically.

ssSF doesn’t have any documentation but doesn’t need it as it’s pretty self-explanatory. It doesn’t have any presets (that’s what the SoundFonts are for). I haven’t had to use customer support. I agree with other reviewers who’ve requested a “not applicable” option, but until that happens I’m giving ssSF a 10 for those categories.

EDIT (29 August 2004): Although ssSF sounds fine for some SoundFonts (including the one I was originally using it for) I now realize that it's noticeably inferior to sfz for others (e.g., a piano SF I use). This is almost certainly not the developer's fault (it's probably a SynthEdit issue). However, I'm now reducing the Sound rating from 10 to 6.
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Lallapallooza lite
Reviewed By CoreTrooper
November 29th, 2003

the interface on this beauty imho is one of the best I have seen, it has a stealthy black finish but at the same time very easy to read, and it doesn't take to long to realise where everything is on it either.

here it is folks the sound reveiw. well this thing is a trance machine (if thats your thing) it has alot of detune to make those nice cutting leads and pads. the synth has a bunch of wavforms to use and mix with all the oscillators as well as adding frequenct modulation circa the fm slider. this synth is equally good at basses creating nice warped german offbeat basshits are snappy uk style dance hits, it also has a nice cutoff and a slide to make those crazy breakbeat/techno basslines. with the included lfo's and fx you can make all sorts of weird fx sounds from winds and rain to classic atari sounds beep and bleeps and laser hits. this is the ultimate freeware synth for its sound, big and clean.

Definitly not a one trick pony, this is a truly flexible va with many possibillities for sound creation and tweakability.

Documentation was tricky as there wasn't much but what was there was easy to understand.

The included Presets were good but the sounds were not easy to find with the names of the presets, but that didn't bother me as I ended up building a bunch of my own saved sounds.

I never needed support but from what I have seen on this forum he was quick to reply to others questions and quick with bugfixes on all his work.

great value for the money...nothing, now go get your self some lolapalooza

this thing has survived everyrun without a problem on my machine and thats a miricle.

all in all this has become a nice peice of kit in my virtual arsenal

great work Buzzroom you Rock!!
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Reviewed By original flipper
October 27th, 2003

This plug is as deceptive as my other favourite buzzroom plug 'Octbuz' in its ability to produce a wide range of sounds / treatments that are not apparent without some investigation and time.
I have managed to coax a whole range of percussive , analogue , digital and reasonably natural sounds out of this synth.
I do have an issue around saved sounds in as much as on going back to them i have found that after several choices the synth refuses to respond , this may hopefully be worked around , but it does not make the instrument unusable - it might be an issue with my set up?
Getting back to the BB303i i could imagine along with OctBuz for fx treatment making a whole tune with it , as stated before i have managed to program bass drums , snares , hi-hats , all kinds of bass , drones , even a piano , electric guitar and varios sync fx!
What more could you ask for its FREE , sounds great and versatile.
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