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Villa de las Flores, Coacalco, Estado de México, México

Hello! I'm pol from Callybeat, I started this project about developing VST plugins with great sound and adapted to the simple but effective need for any musician of the time, with a dynamic and uncomplicated workflow...

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Hum808 X
Reviewed By Stillow
July 31st, 2021

Hello !, I installed this VST in Flstudio very good sound, I like the ZOOM, the effects seem to be in chain, midilearn is very easy to configure in my controller just right click move and voila., I think the pitch bend control is small but can be configured by midilearn., the sampler I do not quite understand how it works but mixing an oscillator with a sample by FM synthesis generates very interesting sounds, I am surprised are the amount of functions that this VST has., bad points: I don't know Because in the sinusoidal waveform there is a kind of click in realse of and I noticed this in several synthesizers I still do not understand why it is but designing an 808 from a triangular waveform this click disappears., I think that a manual is something that is needed for this plugin., Congratulations very good job to the developer I hope you update often this VST that I see has a lot of potential., Thanks for this contribution to the community.

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Hum808 X
Reviewed By rcrath
July 25th, 2021

Excuse my English plz! It is preferable to my Spanish! This plugin, a bass and bass drum synth along the lines of future audio's sublab but free just needs a few bug fixes and missing features to become oftop line plugin I would have loved to vote for in KVR DC 21, but the problems are dealbreakers for me...mayb a post-contst fix? Key trouble is that there are zero crossing problems with the signal processing that produce loud clicks that cannot be attributed or used as bass drum clicks. I thought tweaking the envelopes might clear the problem but I was unable to get clean results even with longer attack times on the filter and the amplitude. Missing features: a noise osc, glide/glissando, adjustable pitch bend settings so that I can get my controller to work with the synth's PB. I could not get my samples working in the sampler although they showed up in the graphics, and I think I am missing simething because samples seem to work fine in the presets. The signal flow is difficult to figure without a manual. I tried watching the vids, but my spanish was not good enough. Even a signal flow chart would be welcom. It alseo seems to me likke the sample button should be up top as a tab rather than in its own space, since all the other stuff up top uses the same space.This sounds super critical but it is not---all of these are fixable and I want to encourage the dev to do so (or show me what I am missing!), as the sounds that do come through, both on bass and on bass drum, have a lot of potential, and the synth looks like it has a lot of versatility, even perhaps beyond bass stuff, but I could not get to that because of the problems. Please keep at this one! Thanks and sorry to be a bit negative.

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Hum808 X
Reviewed By darioarizmendi
July 5th, 2021

Excelente creación de un desarrollador latinoamericano. Esperamos que siga creciendo el círculo de creadores en lugares de habla hispana.

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Reviewed By davidgmont
May 29th, 2021

Espectacular VST de bajos con muchas opciones para modificar el sonido, algunas bastante avanzadas. Una interesante lista de presets para que pruebes y descubras como funciona. Para crear tus propios bajos a partir de ellos. Pueden crearse sonidos que no son de bajo, más melodicos dependiendo de la configuración.

Un 10 para este plugin.

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Reviewed By OniMusix
February 26th, 2021

Fácil de usar. Recomendable para trap y drill. Incluso, si aprendes a manejarlo, podría ser el único plugin de bajo que necesites.

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Reviewed By Charly97
February 24th, 2021

Great plugin, Easy to use and very intuitive, when you open the add-on you think that you will not understand it by so many knobs, but already once you read the manual you manage to understand how each of these knobs works.


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