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canato.atlassian.net / +46762138007 / midiyodi@canato.se
Öjabyvägen 54, 352 73 Växjö, Sweden

CANATO is a privately held Swedish company focusing on IT consulting, training and product development of MidiYodi which is a lightweight MIDI file player, examiner and editor available on Windows, Mac and Unix.

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Reviewed By tommyzai [all]
June 15th, 2014
Version reviewed: 2.6.1 on Mac

*Disclaimer: I'm a songwriter, producer, and educator. My writing style may read like a billboard ad, but my user review is sincere and authentic. I only appraise a product I consider extraordinary, hence the high rating. I don't work for the developer. In fact, I rarely work at all. :-) I hope you find my review useful. — Tommy Zai.


MidiYodi by Canato is a handy utility that allows users to view, play, and edit MIDI files. It also serves as a MIDI librarian — allowing users to scan entire folders and display instrument and song information (duration, tempo, key, time signature, etc.). MidiYodi provides five different examiners that enable precise viewing and editing (file, song+track, keyboard, score, and event). My favorite examiner/screen is the File Explorer, which show metadata-ish stuff (number of tracks, available instruments, duration, tempo, signatures) and the Keyboard Examiner, which shows a nice visual representation of notes and their durations. I really should list all the different views as they each provide useful viewing and editing options. This is one of those utilities that are addictive. .. once you get used to using. .. you can't live without it.


  • Easy to install and launch.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Simple, yet powerful.
  • Section loop playback, mute, and solo.
  • Fine editing tools to alter metadata, transpose, tempo, etc.
  • Convenient save options, which include: save, save as, undo, and redo.
  • Ability to change color theme.
  • Great price.
  • Innovative, enthusiastic, responsive developer.


  • I would like to see MidiYodi go even deeper and become a full-featured MIDI beast with sequencing and micro editing. But can this be done without becoming bloated and cumbersome?
  • Add a play-list.


MidiYodi by Canato is a neat little utility that has become one of my favorite and most useful audio tools. I highly recommend it to anyone, who works with MIDI files (eMusicians, audio producers, film+game scorers, DJs, sound designers, etc.). Tommy Zai gives MidiYodi two pitch-bent thumbs up. Thank you, Canato, for developing such a useful, affordable, and indispensable MIDI utility.

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