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Reviewed By jobromedia
July 21st, 2008

Time to review ForteDXI. Allready from the start this plugin looks oldskool with a MSDOS command popping up showing what files are being copied. I don't mind that at all, but the developers should at least focus on getting a nicer installer.

So when the install is completed, and one load the plugin the first thing that strikes one is the slim design. A really fresh designed GUI faces the user. The same cannot be said about the sound. The sound fizzles in the upper frequencies. Doesn't matter if you turn off the high resolution resampler. Wouldn't be much wrong with that, but there is some of the sounds that is shipped with this plugin is just plain crappy. Some samples are even off key! But there is hope.

Since this plugin supports GIGA samples you can replace the samples you don't like with samples from other giga sampler packages. This means that you can get a fullblown soundbank with some work from your side. Note that the low sound rate here in this review is for the included sounds. It needs to be said that if you expand with your own sounds then the sound will become much better.

There is onboard effects but I haven't so far had any luck of hearing them in actions apart from demo songs downloaded from the author's site.

Value for money: Hmmm I cannot say this is the best plugin I've bought, when it comes to the sound it is a totally disapointment, but when it comes to the expandability of this plugin then it really knocks the socks off. I guess that $40 is a bit heafty due to the onboard sounds, but then again you can expand on it with better samples.
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