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Coyote Electronics releases ForteDXi v1.4a

Coyote Electronics

Coyote Electronic has released version 1.4a of ForteDXi.

Changes since v1.3a:

  • Tuning adjustment now works (v1.4a fixed minor problem with tuning adjustment save/recall. ).
  • No longer gets fooled by non-drum files that have pitch tracking disabled.
  • Handles RPNs for pitch bend sensitivity and modulation range.
  • When mod wheel CC hits, turn on the pitch LFO immediately, rather than waiting until the pitch attack time has expired.
  • Handle gig files that have the actual index in the wlnk record, rather than in the 3lnk records.
  • Now works properly in "realtime" mode, in N-track Studio and other DXi hosts.


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