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Reviewed By Protocol_b [all]
July 31st, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Mac

Wonderful that they have added pattern selection via MIDI note! But maybe I'm missing something? In my view, the pattern should sit and wait until it receives a defined pattern-selection note. But it seems that you have to hit 'play', and then it just starts playing, pattern-selection note received or not! Once playing, you can of course select patterns as advertised, but I don't want this thing to play ANYTHING until I ask it to.

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Reviewed By redvet66 [all]
July 30th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows

Whatever your music genre, this little tool is mind blowing and it will help you to expand your creativity, transforming a dull and boring sequence in something more "alive" and musical.

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Stepic for Live

Reviewed By Olaf_Finkbeiner [all]
November 14th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows

not only a great unique perfomant step sequencer.

This is a playable instrument and should have a place in any electronic music jam session.

I am a Bitwig user and this in combination with Bitwigs MIDI fx is just the best.

ALSO: Monitor multitouch works just fine. which is a must for all plugins i use.

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Stepic for Live

Reviewed By amoksan [all]
September 6th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Mac

I cannot praise this software-sequencer enough. It has become essential to my workflow.

While others often seem to lack in some aspect, this one has it all. Modulation, randomization, polymeters, chords/scales, probability options galore. You can chain your sequences in multiple ways or trigger them in any order from Ableton Live. There are lots and lots of nifty quality of life functions, for example dragging the mouse to enter parameters quickly, modifier-clicks to change multiple note's parameters, right-clicks to enter preset modulation-curves, stuff like that.

The thing I like the most is how logically the functions are implemented which makes Stepic easy to grasp and so much fun to use.

The price is a bargain.

Responsive developer who takes his customers seriously.

Heavily recommended.

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